Sonata Scalable designs digital platforms that can scale up or down as business demands, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, Sonata Software's Platformation™ and a suite of natively built assets.

Digital Services

Our expertise in Microsoft's full stack software offerings, cloud computing, servers, storage and systems integration, coupled with our natively built solutions, provides our global customers with gains in efficiency, profitability and scalability, increasing returns on investment and delivering best business practice.

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Platformation™ business consulting

Designing frameworks that better align technology, business systems and data to stand the test of time

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Data and analytics

Increase and retain your customer base by harnessing, understanding and using your data

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Microsoft Dynamics

Digital-ready retail and distribution systems on Microsoft Dynamics platforms

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Cloud transformation

Become  more customer focused and more efficient with cloud transformation.

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Advanced technologies

Advanced RPA, ML/AI and Blockchain capabilities to support enterprise objectives 

customer experience commerce

Customer engagement and commerce

Understand and engage your customers to provide personalised experiences

digital testing services

Digital assurance and managed services

Testing for business processes, API/microservices, data, RPA/BOTS

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Platform engineering services

Explore Sonata's platform engineering architecture blueprint for modernising IT infrastructure


Sonata Scalable has been delivering ERP and related systems to Australian customers for more than 30 years.



B2C and B2B retail solutions for consumer and industrial goods, wholesale, apparel, hard goods, grocery and hypermarket



Agile supply chain for consumer goods, agri-feed and food manufacturers



Improving the client experience, streamlining operations and creating a competitive edge for engineering, mining, utilities, construction, health and aged care, IT and consultancies

Digital Platforms

Accelerate digital transformation with industry-ready assets seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics


Brick and Click is a unified commerce platform providing digital-ready operations and best-in-class consumer engagement, both in-store and online, supporting businesses to prosper in the new economy.


Modern Distribution is a multi-channel digital distribution and engagement platform that unifies operations across traditional and digital supply chains to widen market reach.


Commodity Trading combines powerful contract, logistics and risk management capabilities with proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning, supply chain and financial management functions.


Sonata Scalable offers Platformation™ based digital transformation so you can engage through connected ecosystems, drive intelligent transactions, innovate with open systems and scale across markets and segments.

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