A milestone with Microsoft

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“Fireworks from Eagle Street Pier” by Fishyone1 via Flickr

We’re blowing out the birthday candles here, celebrating Sonata Software’s 30-year relationship with Microsoft.

Sonata Software and Microsoft have been kindred spirits since 1991, with Sonata investing aggressively in Microsoft from the get-go through acquisitions, IP development and global partnerships. Along the way Sonata established a development facility in Redmond to encourage closer links, and the company continues to work closely with Microsoft’s product development team there.

Today Sonata is certified across 18 Microsoft offerings and is one of only a few global partners to achieve special accreditation across many of these. It’s a two-way relationship, with Sonata Software also providing services to Microsoft across product engineering, customer support and internal applications.

Sonata Software Managing Director and CEO Srikar Reddy says the relationship with Microsoft represents one of Sonata’s most important journeys. “What has helped us succeed is our understanding of Microsoft’s vision, and our investments in acquiring companies, building skills and capabilities to align and execute to that vision,” Mr Reddy says.

Brett Crew, who leads Sonata’s Australian arm Scalable Data Systems, says the longstanding relationship between Sonata Software and Microsoft is a boon for Australian businesses. “Deep connections at the research and development level mean we can offer tailored solutions across broad industry sectors in Australia and New Zealand, including agribusiness, manufacturing and retail. We’re now able to explore sophisticated options for data management and insights with our existing customers while offering fast, affordable data migration and management options to new clients.”