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Cloud Platformation

Sonata Scalable helps businesses embrace Cloud Platformation™ as a framework for their broader digital agenda, rather than just a piece of the infrastructure puzzle. Sonata Scalable’s unique Cloud Platformation™ approach delivers a superior cloud journey, ensuring every piece of the digital stack operates in cooperation with lower-level functions and responds on demand.

Planning a pathway

Sonata Scalable assesses your operations for cloud readiness and digital criticality.

Migrate and modernise

Critical applications which require scale and elasticity are modernized to Cloud using Sonata's MARCHITECTURE SONATA SOFTWARE services. These modernized applications incorporate features of modern digital platforms which are Open, Connected, Scalable and Intelligent.

Migrate and optimise

Non-critical applications which don't require scale and elasticity to operate optimally in Cloud are migrated and then optimized for cost, infrastructure, resources and process improvements.

Services and solutions





Managed Services


Infrastructure management services

Infrastructure Management services

Sonata's Managed Cloud Services

Sonata has a unique Platformation™ approach to managed cloud services providing an ecosystem that is scalable, open, connected, and intelligent. We have a proven track record with Azure, AWS & Google alliances on IT infrastructure, cloud, and solutions.

Sonata’s managed services for cloud provide design, delivery, and daily operational support for computing, storage, and virtual networks on the cloud environment.

Cloud Transformation Services

Cloud Transformation Services

Assessment, Migration and Management

Modenr Workplace Services

Modern Workplace Services

Messaging & Collaboration, Virtual Desktops, Mobility

Managed Services

Managed Services

On-Premise & cloud: Monitoring & Management

On-Premise Infrastructure Modernisation services

On-Premise Infrastructure Modernization services

Assessment, Upgrades & platform migration Services (P2V)

Security services

Security Services

Threat Management (VAPT), Security Analytics & Cyber Forensics

Enterprise service desk

Enterprise Service Desk

ITSM based support, End User support, SR fulfillment, IAM

See how our customers unlocked opportunities with cloud transformation



A major machinery and industrial systems manufacturer benefits from a secure, cost-effective cloud solution with ERP to support manufacturing across multiple sites.



A large courier delivery company replaces a small and unscalable data centre to allow for growth and explore new service lines.



A large IT company provides secure access to a personal desktop on the cloud for more than 20,000 users.

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Unique approach

Sonata's unique approach ensures business critical applications are modernized using cloud first technologies and the non critical applications are migrated and optimized to leverage the cloud.



Our unique and proprietary approach uses MARCHITECTURE SONATA SOFTWARE services to create cloud native applications that are Open, Scalable, Connected and Intelligent.


Multi partnered

As a multi cloud partner with expertise on public cloud (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Oracle cloud) and private cloud setups (VM ware, Openstack, Azure Stack), we deliver in single and multi cloud environments


Our tools

  • Automated tools for assessment and cloud migration
  • Framework for CloudOps and DevOps
  • Platform engineering for application modernisation
  • Automated framework for Support Ops

Industry recognition

  • Winner of multiple "Microsoft country partner for the year" awards
  • SAP pinnacle award
  • World Travel award

Our assessments and IP

We migrate and manage our own IP and assests in multi cloud environment.

  • Halosys Unified Mobile Platform
  • Kartopia Digital commerce Platform


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