Modern Distribution

Real-time visibility of financial and business operations for faster decisions based on accurate information.

Digital Ready Distribution


Companies are doing product research online

Goods are being shipped directly to retailers or consumers by manufacturers

Online purchases are shipped directly from manufacturers with the entry of drop shippers

Mega retailers buy most of their merchandise directly from manufacturers

receiving shipping box on ipad

What does this mean for traditional distributors?

It’s time to transform into a digital-ready, modern operator.

We can make this happen with robust technology infrastructure that enables seamless collaboration with customers and provides real-time visibility.

Modern Distribution Platform

Advanced Distribution Supply Chain and Execution

B2B eCommerce Portal

Smart Mobile Field Sales Operations

Distribution Analytics

Digital Ready Modern Distributor

Our Modern Distribution Platform helps wholesale distributors plan for profit by protecting margins at both order and line item level.

The Platform moves operations to a B2B eCommerce environment, enabling businesses to increase productivity and reduce order lead time.

Our smart mobile route-to-market app can help improve field sales productivity by providing real-time visibility to sales while in the field.

Advanced supply chain software

  • Complete supply chain management
  • Plan to profit approach
  • Protect and increase margins
  • Available on MS Appsource

Supply chain collaboration

  • Up to-date tools
  • EDI, portals, e-commerce sites
  • Faster time to market
  • Collaborate and communicate across supply chain

Distribution solution on mobile

  • Sonata iDroid Mobile App
  • Go Paperless
  • Real time visibility
Case Study


An early adopter of the direct store delivery model for retail distribution, this American multi-national faced increasing transport costs as orders grew. Read how they overcame delays in unloading at retailers’ premises and optimized load and route planning to drive costs down.

Case Study


A large Indian automobile conglomerate with manufacturing operations, distribution services, franchisee operations and retail stores for auto parts needed to monitor and control franchisees’ orders, stocks and sales through an ERP system with real-time visibility.

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