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Platformation: Steering the Digital Agenda and accelerating Enterprise Transformation

While enterprises worldwide consider how to approach digital transformation, modern ‘born digital’ businesses have successfully created tremendous value and disrupted incumbent business models from the get-go.

‘Platforms’ are the secret success sauce for these born digital companies, which leads to the question - how can traditional enterprises adopt platform thinking in their digital transformation journey? Can established businesses think like a digital native?

Platformation is our unique approach to help incumbent businesses achieve their digital transformation mandates. We leverage the power of platforms to help clients create & implement platform-based business models. By combining engineering excellence with industry experience, niche horizontal expertise, platform assets and our own intellectual property, Sonata helps build open, connected, intelligent and scalable platforms that form the core of modern digital businesses today.

Platformation facilitates interaction between enterprises, consumers and ecosystem players to unlock value. This enables swift responses to changing customer demands through innovative services and product propositions, creating value to all stakeholders. Couple this with an innovative, design-thinking led approach, from steering the digital agenda through to execution, and Sonata Scalable clients can truly accelerate their enterprise transformation irrespective of where they are on their digital journey.

Platformation™ can be achieved in many ways

Platforms are much more than just stacks of technology layers. Building a robust digital platform requires bringing together various technologies including information systems, data and analytics, Internet of Things, supplier and customer portals and customer experience platforms.

Typically, Platformation is achieved when:

The technology environment, application build approach and the IT operations model work together as one system.
Integrated stacks to common standards on the cloud in a high secure environment, with auto scaling.
Applications are designed as micro-services, with multi-device and channel-reach capability, with Big Data, AI, IoT, and Telemetry-enabled functionalities for intelligent contextual transactions which can be easily integrated and orchestrated within this standard environment.
Operations approaches include full automation with continuous development, integration and deployment capability for fast, flexible feature releases.
In-built operations analytics that help platform self-learning are used to measure, control and optimize system performance.

Where and how do you start your Platformation™ journey

While we believe that every customer's digital journey could be unique, a typical Platformation™ lifecycle could start with a well-articulated digital agenda and a readiness assessment. This can lead to a shared vision to reimagine your business processes and a platform roadmap to create unique digital services and product propositions.

Please reach out to us at to assess your platform maturity and understand further how Platformation™ can accelerate your digital transformation journey.


$60 Trillion Redistribution of Global Revenues

Projected by 2025 due to digital ecosystems -Digital/McKinsey: Insights, Winning in Digital Ecosystems, Jan 2018


How can Platformation™ transform your business?

Essential innovation

Reimagining the customer experience and operating model to compete more effectively

Operational excellence

More efficient back office operations and delivering smarter, faster service

Sustainable growth

New sources of revenue based on asset-light models to drive profitability

Learn from the digital economy’s most successful players

At the vanguard of Platformation™ are the born-digital providers who’ve disrupted industry incumbents in retail, accommodation and passenger services. Their model provides universal lessons which can guide planning and investment decisions for any business.

Create value by digitizing and orchestrating your business interactions
Extract untapped potential from your enterprise assets to create new digital services and meaningful customer engagement
Scale quickly through a networked ecosystem
Connect ecosystem players to unlock new services and business models
Match supply and demand patterns through data to create unique insights

The Platformation™ Framework

Make the most of what you have with a digital infrastructure that works for you



Easily accessible for participation by employees, ecosystem partners, suppliers and customers



Always on, always connected



Can be scaled by users, segments, and geography - easily



Can run complex algorithms and create valuable insights from the available data

Our Services

Sonata Scalable takes a seven-step approach to creating a platform-based enterprise, ensuring the transition is predictable, efficient and low-risk.

We use proprietary consulting tools including a Customer Digital Agenda template (CDAT), Platform Maturity Assessment tool and Digital Business Process Library to determine your digital readiness.

Sonata Scalable’s process means we can quickly assess where your business sits on its Platformation journey. We can identify actions to realise short-term opportunities while simultaneously developing a framework for maturing into a best-in-class, platform-based enterprise.

Assess Your Readiness

Determine your platform maturity by analysing business, technology, people, leadership and change attributes

Reimagine Your Business

Through a unique methodology, we help businesses achieve a Platformation mindset.

Access Our Library

Catalogued by industry, the Sonata Software Digital Business Process Library is a reference source for best-practice solutions developed for our diverse client base.


Choose your path to Platformation



These ready-made solutions are Platformation-compliant and suit businesses in certain industries wanting to progress quickly. Examples include:



This approach uses platforms from leading technology companies as a substructure to build an enterprise platform. Examples include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SAP Hybris


These are proprietary platforms where the client owns their own data centres, software and tools, based on:

  • Halosys
  • Rapid – next generation devops platform
  • Kartopia – digital commerce platform

Digital Business Readiness

Executing digital transformation programs require the right mix of business & technology to complement your digital platform strategy


Assess Your Digital Readiness

Assess your current digital maturity with our proven digital transformation framework. We will provide you with a complimentary custom report within 7 working days from taking the survey.

Take The Assessment Of Your Digital Readiness

Start your Platformation journey today

Take the first step toward Platformation with a readiness assessment and customised digital agenda.

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