Two voices, one songbook

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Sonata Scalable new logo

Sonata Scalable has launched a new logo and colour scheme to better reflect its position within the Australian and New Zealand digital landscape.

The circle has been adopted to reflect a unification of two strong companies, Sonata Software and Scalable Data Systems.

The Sonata Software piano keys have been carried through, signalling a corporate culture valuing creativity and teamwork as much as technical expertise.

Since its acquisition by Sonata Software in late 2018, Sonata Scalable has continued to operate with founder Brett Crew at the helm as Managing Director.

Brett brings more than 30 years’ experience to the role and remains enthusiastic about supporting Australian businesses with the expanded capacity and deeper expertise now available to the local team.

He says Sonata Software has proved to be the ideal partner, with Platformation™, the company’s signature offering, the ideal framework for Scalable’s established approach to digital partnerships.

“We developed our Commodity CTRM because we could see the value of systems built around data and digital,” Brett says.

“We wanted to give agri-manufacturing companies and commodity traders the ability to move faster and more confidently than their competitors.

“This philosophy aligns perfectly with the Platformation™ model which is about better aligning technology, business systems and data,” he says.

“The new logo is great. I’m looking forward to representing the company with new branding that better reflects our united strengths,” Brett says.

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